Took a photo before going to sleep

Took a photo before going to sleep

What am i doing here?

At the company doing some businesses!

Today at the exam there was a funny moment. I was pretending cheating and i got a lady. Lol.

The first exam is over. I feel a little comfortable. The exam was not hard as i thought. Some questions are the same with ones i preprared before. I guess im gonna pass this subject, hopefully.

just finished playing some “3 cay” games with my home mates. at the final game, they were almost tricked by me lol. im not good at it but i think im better at making joke :D yeah anyway, just a chill out before the exam tomorrow.

studying for exam tomorrow at the school library. i hope my luck will come to me this time again. i really dont want to fail this term’s exams because im running out of money…

feel alone.. i need a job to cover this feeling.. so sad..


i can’t understand this girl’s feeling. She make me craaaaazy


miss u so much…